14 feb. 2006

Who is "La Negrita"?

(Negrita and me at Bahia's beach, Manabí - Ecuador)

She's the person who makes me sigh, the one who knows my dreams, the only girl I want to share my emotions and feelings.

When I see her eyes I can fly, when I touch her skin magic comes to me, her sweet kisses makes me crazy.

It's wonderful when she wakes up close to me, anything is the same if she is far from me.

( Negrita and me together at Ms. Vilma's house, Tena - Ecuador)

I know she has big goals in her life, I know time is too short and the future isn't written for us yet, but I'm not scared because nowadays I've found with her an important reason to be better, she always give me the two things that I need to feel happy and she knows what they are.


4 comentarios:

Guambra Cosmero dijo...

A nof, y en inglés!

Eso es amor verdadero.

Perdón, true love.

Anónimo dijo...

My dear: Thanks for being next to me, you bring live for my live, Hold me into your arms and never let me go... keepin' me on your skin a' dreams 'cuz we belong each other. Negrita

Kernel dijo...

Damn! If this ain´t love, WTF is this! Good luck, bro. Take care of her.

FAP dijo...

Muy romantico esto, felicitaciones por tener a tu negrita junto a ti.